About dd humes

Inspiring clients to realize their Lifestyle Dreams through the Dream Achiever Process.

DD Humes is proud to celebrate over 40 years of dedicated service. From our early beginnings in the late 1970's to today, we have kept pace with the many changes that have taken place in the economic marketplace. All the while maintaining the personalized service our clients have come to expect.

About DD Humes

proud to celebrate over 40 years
of dedicated service.

In 1994 DD Humes Financial Services became a certified independent Quebec dealership for mutual funds. In 2004 DD Humes Financial Services dissolved their own dealership and joined, FundEX Investments Inc. a group savings plan brokerage. This allowed DD Humes to offer their services to clients outside of the province of Quebec.


In 2021 the IA Financial Group (iAFG) amalgamated two of their existing mutual fund dealers into one. Both Investia and FundEX were already members of the iAFG family of companies and the resulting company is now the largest independent mutual fund dealer in Canada and will be known going forward as Investia Financial Services.


DD Humes Financial Services Inc. was awarded “The Dalbar Financial Professional Seal”, which recognizes excellence in areas of trust, client satisfaction, quality of advice, and financial results. It should be noted that we recorded the highest marks in the country for responsiveness.


Not being forced to sell any particular product is of paramount importance to DD Humes. This holds true in our planning services as well as our product recommendations. DD Humes has no ownership ties with any financial product manufacturers and thus remains completely unbiased in its approach.

A Life by Design, Not Default.

WE’re person Oriented, not product driven

Our challenge is to help you realize your lifestyle dreams by generating the greatest investment growth or income at an appropriate level of risk. The tools we use include the Enhanced Lifestyle Planner, an Internet based questionnaire that helps you create a blueprint for your lifestyle dreams, and investments methods that will get you where you want to go.

Our investment philosophy is built around the principle that "the whole is a sum of its parts." When one part of the portfolio is going up, another part may be expected to go down. This risk cancellation effectively results in steadier, more predictable, optimized returns over extended periods of time. In short, we have more faith in the proven processes than we do in the individual security selections.   Our promise to you is clear: We practice innovative thinking, trust-worthy actions, and responsible portfolio management. Since David Humes first opened his doors in the late 1970s, DD Humes has been helping clients achieve their lifestyle dreams through sound financial health.

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