Inspiring clients to realize their Lifestyle Dreams.

The Dream Achiever Process™, developed over a 30-year period by DD Humes, is unique in today’s marketplace.

Until now, financial planning has traditionally relied on a six-step process acknowledged as a standard in the financial planning community. We recognized a significant void in that process; the focus was heavy on numbers but paid little attention to lifestyle.

It is precisely the addition of this lifestyle focus that gives the Dream Achiever Process™ its leading edge in today’s financial planning community. We are convinced that it gives our clients reason to stay with DD Humes.

We begin with the completion of the “Know Your Client” (KYC) forms, which let both sides know almost immediately how comfortable each party is with the philosophy behind the Dream Achiever Process™. Ideal Humes’ clients find value in life mapping, and concentrate on their overall objectives, rather than individual transactions. At DD Humes we focus on the Big Picture.

Before we Begin

What are your Dreams?

We have developed a system that first identifies the snags that can get in your way, then converts these same obstacles into opportunities. By implementing proven strategies, we help you make sure that virtually nothing will sidetrack you from getting to where you want to go in life.

The Value Creator

This allows us to pinpoint risk factors in your path and identify the opportunities these risks present. Then we can, with your input, formulate strategies that will enable you to realize your goals.

The 10 steps of the process


The filter system

Clients and advisors work best together when they have mutually compatible thought processes. To better determine the potential comfort level for both sides of our client/advisor relationships, we use several assessment filters.

Enhanced Lifestyle Planner

The focus is much less on the numbers and far more on your objectives… less on the means and more on the results. We coordinate the means.

Life Goals Focus

We ask you to prioritize these objectives by categorizing them as short-term, mid-term or long-range. Our advisory staff then helps you assign not only price tags to each of your choices, but time tags, which are reconciled opposite the balance found in your time bank.

The Financial X-Ray

Our examination is conducted using various forms, including a cash flow (what comes in and what goes out), a balance sheet that provides a snapshot of your current net worth, and analysis that will identify how well you control your finances.

The Independence Projector.

Sometimes clients realize that their plans may not be entirely attainable. In such cases we can help you prioritize your plans and take the steps necessary to bring your plans in line with your reality.

The Insurance Adjuster

When unexpected events take place in our lives, they could alter the direction of your plan. You can safeguard your financial security by using insurance to stabilize the financial impact of an untimely death, accident or sickness.

The Tax Energizer

With the same expense of energy, perhaps less, you can achieve a better bottom line simply by knowing the rules of the game and applying the techniques and strategies available to maximize the money you keep in your pocket.

The Estate Creator

Potential obstacles, such as marriage breakdown, long-term disability, disabled offspring, and loss of employment are addressed. Solutions might include recommendations such as setting up inter vivos or testamentary trusts, implementing an estate freeze, or purchasing life insurance.

The Action Plan

If you don't take action, all the effort put into The Dream Achiever Process™ up to this point will have been for nothing. The Action Plan tells us what we must do and when we must do it.

The Annual Checkup

The DD Humes Annual Check-up is unique in that it is client driven. We do not tell you what we are going to discuss - you tell us! We send you a checklist 30 days prior to your birthday and ask you to choose the items you wish to see on the agenda. Your choices become the focal point of our meeting.

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