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Financial planning takes into account the legal issues surrounding the transfer and protection of your wealth at death. It is important that your estate devolve to the people you choose. If you don’t have a will, the law will decide how and to whom your estate will be distributed.


A financial planner will identify your assets and liabilities in order to support you in the achievement of your financial objectives. We look at your cash flow, your balance sheets, what type of budget you are working with, and if you have an adequate emergency fund for those unpredictable rainy days.


The financial planner’s goal is to identify potential risks that could lead to unexpected financial setbacks. Through risk analysis, we are able to measure the financial consequences of various events and offer strategies to manage them.

Stategic Alliances

To complement our own expertise, we have developed a well-placed network of Strategic Alliances with tax accountants, estate lawyers, notaries, general insurers, and other professional advisors. We have also included some of our lifestyle alliances who will help improve other elements of your everyday life.


A financial planner can assess your current portfolio and help you choose an investment strategy that is appropriate to your situation, your constraints and your goals. Investment objectives are generally defined in terms of risk tolerance and return expectations. We must also take into account your investment time horizon, your need for liquidity or your need for income.


A financial planner will help you understand the basis of our complex tax laws and its related tax measures. Tax efficiency is a key component of what we do, which will allow you to focus on growing your wealth.

Legal Aspects

A financial planner will guide you through the various legal aspects surrounding a financial plan. Some of our conversations will touch on choosing the right matrimonial regime for your situation, making sure your will has the right protection in place to care for your children, and discussing the importance of having powers of attorney and mandates in case of incapacity.


Retirement lasts a long time and it is important to prepare for it the right way, financially but also emotionally. When we talk about retirement, there can be an over emphasis on the numbers without looking at the whole picture. It’s important to ask: what do you want to do in retirement? As a financial planner we can help you navigate through the retirement process of deciphering government pensions, converting RRSPs to RRIFs and benefiting from pension credits. Most importantly, we will come up with the right strategy to help you achieve your retirement goals.

Financial Services

In 2004 DD Humes Financial Services Inc. dissolved their own mutual funds dealership and joined FundEX Investments Inc. a group savings plan brokerage. This allowed DD Humes to offer their services to clients outside of the province of Quebec. DD Humes is currently providing service to over 700 family units across the country.

On July 1, 2021 IA Financial Group (iAFG) amalgamated two of their existing mutual fund dealers (Investia and FundEX) into one and retained the Investia name. Both Investia and FundEX were already members of the iAFG family of companies.

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