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The process of estate planning helps you to gain perspective on your life. Simply reviewing what you have and what will happen to it when you are gone encourages reflection on your life philosophies. It is about you, your family, the people and things that are dear to you, and how you will distribute your estate to those who matter in your life.

A well-planned estate affords you peace of mind as you will no longer worry about the financial security of those you will leave behind. It is your footprint in the sand on the beach of life.

By its very nature, estate planning is difficult to discuss because it forces us to examine our own mortality. We ask ourselves tough questions: "What do I want to be remembered for?" "Whose lives do I want to touch and in what ways?" "Am I becoming the person I really want to be?" "What ultimately is my life's purpose?"

It is easy to avoid this kind of self-examination by becoming embroiled in modern day activity traps. People forsake meaningful relationships, mental and physical health, or spiritual well being while pursuing the limelight or the almighty dollar.

This step requires clients to articulate exactly what it is they want to accomplish through their estate plan. Potential obstacles, such as marriage breakdown, long-term disability, disabled offspring, and loss of employment are addressed. Solutions might include recommendations such as setting up inter vivos or testamentary trusts, implementing an estate freeze, or purchasing life insurance.

This critical step helps you to make sure that all the right tools are in place. Do you have a will? Who is the liquidator (executor) of your estate? Do you have an estate inventory so that the right people know where everything is? Who should be contacted? Have you made funeral arrangements? Who holds your mandate (power of attorney) in the event you are unable to act on your own behalf? These are just some of the questions that we will help you address.

Now, let's take action by proceeding to Step 9: The Action Plan.