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DD Humes believes that a successful financial plan is built on a solid foundation. When unexpected events take place in our lives, they could alter the direction of your plan. You can safeguard your financial security by using insurance to stabilize the financial impact of an untimely death, accident or sickness.

At DD Humes we believe that insurance does not have to be confusing and that client education is key. As independent insurance brokers, we provide thorough and unbiased information. We take the time to explain how combinations of products and concepts can resolve most financial security needs.

Our four-step approach helps you maximize benefits while minimizing costs:

  1. We evaluate your short, mid and long term insurance needs based on your objectives. Our needs analysis questionnaires are designed to identify your particular requirements.
  2. We review all of your existing insurance polices (For example: personal, business, group, association, mortgage) to see how they integrate with your needs & objectives.
  3. We provide you with written proposals for your consideration.
  4. We implement then monitor the insurance program decided upon.

Insurance products and concepts continue to evolve, providing new opportunities along the way. With continuing education, we continue to be progressive in insurance planning which leads to security, savings and tax advantages for you and your estate.

Protecting your financial security gives you the peace of mind to pursue other financial objectives, one of which is addressed by Step 7: The Tax Energizer.