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The Independence Projector is the follow up to the Financial X-Ray. It puts together the "Big Picture", synthesized from the data collected in Step 4.

Now that we know what your dreams are likely to cost, we work with your current financial position to create future projections. We factor in return on investments, inflation and tax ramifications. The projections tell us how much money you will need to be able to live your "life by design". They also give you a clear idea of how realistic and achievable your aspirations are. At this point we can define exactly what you will need to put aside in order to make your dreams a reality.

Sometimes clients realize that their plans may not be entirely attainable. In such cases we can help you prioritize your plans and take the steps necessary to bring your plans in line with your reality.

Changes can include:

· Pushing back the date of achievement
· Taking a more aggressive investment stance
· Accepting a scaled down lifestyle

Now that the plan is in place, you must protect it against possible snags that could knock you off track. The Insurance Adjuster, Step 6, is the next station on your journey.