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Now that your dreams have been identified, it becomes important to look at your current financial situation. To realize your dreams you must be able to quantify them, to put price tags on them, and see how those costs fit in with your current situation. The Financial X-Ray takes a picture of where you are today.

Our examination is conducted using various forms, including a cash flow (what comes in and what goes out), a balance sheet that provides a snapshot of your current net worth, and analysis that will identify how well you control your finances.

Using the results of the analysis, we suggest strategies to help you maximize your financial control. We particularly like the Wealthy Barber's idea of saving a percentage of your income from the top and living on the rest. If you are in that fortunate group of individuals with excess cash inflow, we can help you maximize the benefits of your extra income.

The Financial X-Ray also looks at what you owe; we can help you manage your debt with an eye
to ultimately eliminating it altogether.

Typical areas where a client may seek our advice include:

  •  How to get control of their lifestyle expenses
  •  How to adopt a more effective budgeting process
  •  How to be a better consumer
  •  How to plan and assess specific aspects of their financial x-ray

With the x-rays completed and analysed, we can determine our financial direction and what needs to be done to get you where you are going. That's where Step 5 comes in: The Independence Projector.