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Have you bought into the myth that time is money? The fact is that time is much more valuable than money. The human condition tells us that effective effort can produce a substantial increase in monetary gain, but for all of us, time is limited to 24/7, that's twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The only thing we don't know is for how many years we'll be around.

In Step 3 we review the results of your Enhanced Lifestyle Planner questionnaire to identify the goals you have set for yourself. Next we ask you to prioritize these goals by categorizing them as short-term, mid-term or long-range. Our advisory staff then helps you assign not only price tags to each of your choices, but time tags, which are reconciled opposite the balance found in your time bank.

We use the SMART methodology of goal achieving. SMART is an acronym for goals that are:

S - Specific
M - Measurable
A - Achievable
R - Realistic
T - Time Framed

Now that you know where you want to go and when, what must you do to get there?

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