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At DD Humes, we are committed to a life by design, rather than a life by default. The architect, who designs, chooses a particular lifestyle and then determines what will be necessary to finance that choice. The firefighter, who defaults, accumulates dollars and then works with what is financially feasible.

The central piece of our planning process is our "design" software - the Enhanced Lifestyle Planner, created by the North American Lifestyle Planning Corporation. Available in both online ( and paper versions, this questionnaire enables each of our clients to create a personal blueprint for the future.

We concur with Stephen Covey's suggestion to "begin with the end in mind".
This concept is based on the principle that all things are created twice. The first creation begins in your mind's eye and is transcribed onto a blueprint. The second creation is the physical work
with which your plan is carried out.

In Step 2 you can see that the focus is much less on the numbers and far more on your objectives… less on the means and more on the results. We coordinate the means.

The Enhanced Lifestyle Planner is the focal point of the overall Process because it helps you to answer the question, "What are your dreams?" We will help you to assign economic values to the choices you have made and integrate them into your financial plan.

This brings us to Step 3 - The Life Goals Focus.