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At DD Humes we realize that life brings constant changes. Your situation today is probably not the same as is was five years ago, or will be in five years. You may get married, have children, change employment, or go back to school. You may have to deal with the loss of a spouse, through death or divorce. Annual checkups help keep you on track as you navigate the flow of your life.

The DD Humes Annual Check-up is unique in that it is client driven. We do not tell you what we are going to discuss - you tell us! We send you a checklist 30 days prior to your birthday and ask you to choose the items you wish to see on the agenda. Your choices become the focal point of our meeting.

We believe in preventative financial planning. Just as you go to see your dentist for regular cleanings and checkups, you need to be proactive with your financial health. Your annual check-up is an effective preventive measure for eliminating some of the snags before they occur.