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The Dream Achiever Process™, developed over a 30-year period by DD Humes, is unique in today’s marketplace.

Until now, financial planning has traditionally relied on a six-step process acknowledged as a standard in the financial planning community. We recognized a significant void in that process; the focus was heavy on numbers but paid little attention to lifestyle.

It is precisely the addition of this lifestyle focus that gives the Dream Achiever Process its leading edge in today’s financial planning community. We are convinced that it gives our clients reason to stay with DD Humes.

Why does the Dream Achiever Process focus on lifestyle? We believe that numbers alone are uninspiring. It is when you attach those numbers to people’s dreams that they come alive. We believe that when clients can draw their own lifestyle blueprint and can give, with our assistance, an economic value to their choices, they have the recipe for success.

Let’s face it – any monies that you invest with us today will take away from your current lifestyle in order to prepare for tomorrow’s. If your view of life in the future is not inspiring, why would you want to take away from the present? We are here to help you construct an inspiring vision of your future.

Even though we believe that The Dream Achiever Process applies to all individuals, clients must see its relevance in relation to their own needs. From the very beginning of the relationship between a client and DD Humes, it is important that our philosophies coincide.

We begin with the completion of the “Know Your Client” (KYC) forms, which let both sides know almost immediately how comfortable each party is with the philosophy behind the Dream Achiever Process. Ideal Humes’ clients find value in life mapping, and concentrate on their overall objectives, rather than individual transactions. At DD Humes we focus on the Big Picture.

DD Humes strongly depends on our clients becoming advocates – in other words, we aspire to make you so happy with the value that we add to your equation, that you are anxious to refer us to your family and friends. We are proud of the fact that in 30 years of business we have never had to make a “cold call”. We appreciate the confidence and trust our clients have placed in our organization, not only in dealing with us personally, but also by sending others to do the same.

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